Local Radio

Argyll FM has been broadcasting since 2000 and we have successfully established ourselves as a valued asset within Argyll. Argyll FM is a totally independent radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day.

Presently Argyll FM reaches audiences in the tens of thousands from Campbeltown and the Kintyre peninsula, continuing north to Inveraray, including the islands of Mull, Islay, Jura, Arran and Gigha. Due to our unique geographical position of our three transmitters we are also able to broadcast to Northern Ireland and Ayrshire. Until Argyll FM was up and running there was no localised radio coverage for this sparsely populated district.

Many local performers, artists and charitable organisations have found Argyll FM an essential part of their success. We value our close liaisons with Strathclyde Police and Argyll and Bute Council to provide local weather, road reports and many other urgent appeals for information relevant to our listeners. We are able to enhance our broadcast area by promoting events for locals and tourists alike: each smaller community has their own programme of events throughout the year. For example Highland Games, Music Festivals, agricultural events, gala days,

Through our magazine programmes we are able to provide vital bulletins on educational, health and social issues of the day, thus becoming another channel of public awareness, especially to the more remote parts of our broadcast area


Below is a very rough map of where our three transmitters are.

As you can see Argyll FM has three transmitters A, B & C and due to our unique geographical location we need these three transmitters to maximise our coverage over this mountainous and rural terrain.

Argyll FM broadcasts 24 hours a day with no outside sustaining service. This means we can usually offer advertisers ‘free’ overnight advertising on our automated night schedule.

Due to the nature of radio waves, and because our transmitters are mounted high on hills beside the sea, we have a large listener base outside our ‘area’ e.g. Greater Glasgow area, Ayrshire Coast, Arran and Northern Ireland.