Friday, 29 September 2017

Public Interest

Argyll FM is run entirely by volunteers. The licence for us to continue broadcasting has to be renewed in 2019. Applications have to be submitted in March 2018. The cost of the licence is around £11,000.

Argyll FM now finds itself in a position where the costs against income cannot be sustained. The mast sites alone cost the company in excess of £16,000 per year (an increase of 100% in recent years).

Without the generosity of local advertisers, fund raisers, individuals and organisations who have donated money we could not have kept going for the last 17 years. 

The directors have reached a point now where they have to consider whether Argyll FM could or should continue in its present form, if at all.

We would be interested to hear from listeners, advertisers and potential funders about what you feel Argyll FM offers and if there is still a place for a community based station.

Contact us by email at or write to 27-29 Longrow, Campbeltown, PA28 6ER.


  1. Argyll FM has survived for the past 17 years and can survive much longer. It is run by volunteers. The only financial issues only seem to be due to maintaing and obtaining the overhead which I think can still be sourced from donors as it has always been.

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