Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Happy New Year

Here's wishing all our listeners, advertisers, supporters and suppliers a successful, fulfilling and peaceful 2020. Thank you all for your support.

N.B. Don't forget Hogmanay fun is live on Argyll FM on 106.5, 107.1 and 107.7.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Argyll FM broadcasting for our community

Help Argyll FM stay on the air-waves!

Argyll FM has been broadcasting to the community since the year 2000.  We are all volunteers and we endeavour to serve as wide a community as possible both physically and culturally.

Argyll FM started out as Kintyre Community Radio and we have tried to keep the same community spirit going as we extended our coverage to other parts of Argyll.

There are many expenses involved in maintaining a radio station;  we have a broadcasting licence which comes up for renewal in 2019, annual rental for transmission masts and equipment maintenance and replacement.  This all runs to over £20,000 annually.  Our income comes from memberships, donations, grant applications, sponsorship and advertising revenue.

We need your help now. 

You can:
Become a member: Membership forms will be available at Argyll FM on Longrow South and from local shops (Keith's Newsagents).  Membership is open to individuals and organisations.

Make a donation: Use the button on the Donate tab or check out our Facebook page.

Membership will also be available via the donation button if you prefer to join online.

You can become a sponsor.

As a local company you can become an advertiser.

If you are aware of funders that can assist you can give us details.

Or if you represent a trust or charity that wishes to help us you can get in touch.

Contact details:

or write to Argyll FM, 27-29 Longrow, Campbeltown, Argyll PA28 6ER

Public Interest

Argyll FM is run entirely by volunteers. The licence for us to continue broadcasting has to be renewed in 2019. Applications have to be submitted in March 2018. The cost of the licence is around £11,000.

Argyll FM now finds itself in a position where the costs against income cannot be sustained. The mast sites alone cost the company in excess of £16,000 per year (an increase of 100% in recent years).

Without the generosity of local advertisers, fund raisers, individuals and organisations who have donated money we could not have kept going for the last 17 years. 

The directors have reached a point now where they have to consider whether Argyll FM could or should continue in its present form, if at all.

We would be interested to hear from listeners, advertisers and potential funders about what you feel Argyll FM offers and if there is still a place for a community based station.

Contact us by email at argyllradio@hotmail.com or write to 27-29 Longrow, Campbeltown, PA28 6ER.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Saturday, 13 May 2017

A Whisky For The Road - live tour

The Coaltown Daisies will be starting their tour in Campbeltown on Saturday 27 May before touring Islay and Jura 28 May to 3 June. And we're very pleased to say that Lynzy & Vivienne have agreed to appear on Argyll FM's Folk At Five show to talk about and play their music. Very much looking forward to this. Yay!

Don't forget to tune in at 5pm on Saturday 27 May as well as seeing them perform live at one of their several venues.

A Whisky For The Road - Video